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Trains bound for Wakkanai

Ltd. Exp. Soya (Series 261)

Sapporo - Wakkanai

Ltd. Soya connects Sapporo to Wakkanai, the tip of Hokkaido. The interior is decorated in a calm atmosphere. The Green Car is the first car in Hokkaido to have leather seats.


* Only trains for Wakkanai stop at Bibai / Sunagawa.

Ltd. Exp. Sarobetsu (Series 261)

Asahikawa - Wakkanai

The journey of the northern most tip of Japan, Wakkanai Station takes you along the shores of the Teshio River and across the Sarobetsu Gensei Kaen, a park located in the Sarobetsu Plains. From Bakkai Station, you can see Rishiri Island and Mt. Rishiri across the ocean.


Trains bound for Wakkanai

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Hokkaido / Tohoku Shinkansen

Furano Lavender Express



Series 261 Generation 5000 Multipurpose limited express car

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