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Q3 Hokkaido Rail Pass

What are its validity period, fares, applicable scope and benefits?
Please see here.
Where can I purchase a Hokkaido Rail Pass?
Please see here.
Where can I exchange an Exchange Order for a Hokkaido Rail Pass?
Please see here.
Can I purchase (exchange)the rail pass in Honshu?
The HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS can be purchased at the JR EAST Travel Service Center as well, but exchanges are not possible.
Please see here.
I am traveling to Hokkaido for 14 days, can I purchase two Hokkaido Rail Passes?
Multiple passes may be purchased if one person wishes to use them on different days.
Can I ride sightseeing trains like the Norokko and steam locomotive with my pass?
All reserved seating on ordinary cars in Hokkaido can be boarded (does not include Hokkaido Shinkansen). However, when boarding the SL which is all reserved seating, you may not be able to board unless you reserve a seat prior to boarding.
Can I ride local buses with the pass?
Please see here.
For the JR Hokkaido Bus time schedule please see the website below.
I decided to purchase the HRP but my rental car reservation must be made 3 days in advance. Can I receive a special discount if I reserve the rental car abroad, then purchase my HRP upon arrival?
Please make a reservation on the JR Rent-A-Car website in advance. Then upon arrival in Hokkaido, first purchase your Hokkaido Rail Pass(exchange), and then show your HRP at the rental car counter and you will receive a discount.
Will the rental car discount be applied even after the HRP use period expires?

Rental Car discounts are limited to rentals within the HRP valid period. Please see here for details.

This special price for JR Rent-A-Car applies only when you start renting a car during the validity period of your Hokkaido Rail Pass. No limit on the rental days.

Case 1 / If you have a 5-Day pass valid from April 1 to 5
When starting to rent between April 1 and 5: Special rate applies
When starting to rent on or after April 6: Special rate does not apply

Case 2 / If you have a Flexible 4-Day pass valid from April 1 to 10
When starting to rent between April 1 and 10: Special rate applies (including dates not selected for train travel)
When starting to rent on or after April 11: Special rate does not apply

I missed the train I had reserved a seat on. What should I do?
Please board the non-reserved seating on the next train.
Will I be compensated for other transportation fees if I miss the next transportation due to the trains being late or suspended?
We are sorry, we do not compensate for other transportation. We do not re-reimburse or compensate meal fees, other transportation fares, or lodging expenses that incur due to late or suspended trains. As for the HRP, we do not refund or extend the use period after the pass has been validated.