Frequently Asked QuestionsWe will answer the questions from our customers.

Regarding luggage space and carry-on items to the train.

Is there a baggage space for suitcases on the train?
Some of JR Hokkaido's Ltd. Exp. Trains and Rapid Airport have a space for putting your luggage. For trains that do not have such a designated space, the loading and keeping of luggage is the passengers' responsibility.
Can I carry my bicycle on board the train? Does it cost extra?
Bicycles used for cycling and sports events and folding bicycles can be carried on board free of charge. Please make sure the bicycle is folded or is disassembled and placed in specific bags before bringing on board. Please make sure the bicycle does not block the path of other passengers.
Can I carry a stroller on board the train?
Strollers can be carried on board free of charge. Please take care not to invade the space of other passengers by folding the stroller and placing it in front of your seat or store in the luggage space on board the Ltd. Exp. Train.
I have a lot of baggage.

The measurements of luggage that can be brought on board are as follows; up to two bags, the total measurement of each must be 250cm(ht.xwxl), length must be under 2 meters, and weigh less than 30 kg.These are allowed free of charge. There is luggage that can be carried on board for free and luggage that requires a fee.

[Free Luggage]

*Suitcase, sports equipment(surfboards must be in designated bag), instruments, leisure items, toys and other carry-on.

*Sports equipment, leisure items and instruments can be carried on board even if they exceed the limited length if they can be stored standing. (must be secured in designated cases or bags)

*Bicycles used for cycling and sports events must be disassembled or folded if possible and placed in designated case or bag.

*Guide dogs for the visually and hearing impaired that are designated by the Disability Assistance Dog Laws are allowed on board if accompanied by owner, only if they are actually assisting.

*Wheel Chairs within 120 cm in height and length and within 70 cm in width can be carried on board.

[Paid Luggage]

  • Small animals such as small dogs, cats and pigeons (excluding fierce animals and snakes) in a special case can be carried on board.
  • The sum of the length, width and height for the case should be 120 cm or less.
  • The combined weight of the animal and case should be 10 kg or less.

*Passengers bringing a pet on board will receive a "Pet Card" that will make a great souvenir of your travels together.

*Each paid luggage will be 290 yen. Please show your luggage at the ticket gate and purchase a luggage ticket.

[Unacceptable Luggage]

Dangerous items, heaters, gas burners, animals, corpses, unsanitary items, items with strong odor or items that will bring harm to other passengers, items that can damage the interior of the train.

*Excludes small birds, insects, chicks and marine animals in a case.