JR Hokkaido Discount tickets

There are several conditions (such as valid period, usable line s, usable seat type, limitations on changing trains and refunds ) which apply when you purchase our "JR Hokkaido Discount tickets" (Special Plan Tickets). Please be sure to ask the staff for any details you are unsure about.

*The "Discount tickets" cannot be bought on board or at the station of destination. If you wish to use the "Discount tickets", please purchase it at the station/Twinkle Plaza (travel center) before you board the train (please note that tickets cannot be purchased outside of business hours or at unmanned stations).

*Some "Discount tickets" can be purchased at designated sales counters.

*Please be sure to read the "instructions" on the face of the ticket.

Use of Limited Express and Express Trains

  • One ticket is good toward one ride on a limited express or express train in the designated riding zone (if otherwise is stated on the face of the ticket, it can be used for multiple rides).
  • You are required to purchase a new basic fare ticket, limited express ticket and so on when you have exceeded the number of rides on express and limited express trains

Information for Designated Train/Seat Type Tickets

〈Trains Available〉

  • Available trains and seat type are designated (those which you can use are shown on the face of your ticket). You cannot use another seat type or board trains other than those which are designated.
  • If you wish to use another seat type/board a train other than those which are designated, your ticket will be treated as voi d, and you will need to purchase another Basic fare ticket and Limited express ticket.

Concerning use of Reserved Seating

  • One ticket is good toward one ride (if otherwise is stated on the face of the ticket, it can be used for multiple rides).
  • Please be sure to receive a reserved seating ticket prior to boarding the train. If you do not receive a reserved seating ti cket prior to boarding, you will be asked to sit in the non-reserved seating area.
  • The Reserved Seating Ticket is only valid when used with the ticket you have purchased.
  • Changes for the Reserved Seating Ticket can be made once only before the departure of the train you wish to board.

(If you miss your train)

· If you happen to miss the train which you have a Reserved Seat on, we will handle it with one of two options listed below.

  1. You can board the Ordinary car Non-reserved seat on the limited express or express train the same day you miss your train. If you wish to have a Reserved Seat, or board the Green Car, you must purchase another Limited express Ticket.
  2. After the following day only the fare amount is valid (however, it must be within the valid period). If you wish to board the Limited express or Express train, you must purchase another Limited express Ticket.

If Purchasing Reserved Seat Ticket and Green Car Ticket with the Discount tickets

(Ticket Validity)

  • Optional Tickets can only be used for riding the train that is printed on the ticket, regardless of the ticket’ s validity.
  • Optional Tickets are only valid when used with tickets at the same time.

(Valid Period)

  • Tickets can only be used for riding the train that is shown on the face of the Optional Ticket, regardless of the ticket’ s valid period.

(If you miss your train)

  • Please refer to the Concerning use of Reserved Seating section.

Stopover / Rides out of Zone


  • Tickets become void when a passenger makes a side stop outsid e of the free area. However, there are some cases in which this does not apply. Please be sure to ask the staff upon purchasing the ticket.
    Rides out of zone
  • If you plan to travel outside of the zone your ticket is good for, or return inside the zone, please pay the amount due for each section you wish to ride the train.

Changing Your Ticket

  • The ticket’ s start date can be changed once at designated ticket counters only prior to the start of the ticket’ s valid period. However, this option is not available for book of tickets (packs of one-way tickets).
  • Changes for reserved trains can be made only once, prior to the departure of the train, at designated ticket counters.
  • Tickets cannot be changed to other zones or ticket types.
  • There are cases in which changes cannot be made depending on the ticket. Also, for details regarding changing your seat type and so on, please inquire with JR staff.


  • A handling fee will be charged for refunds.. (Basic fare ticket: 220 yen. Non-Reserved Seats: 440 yen (basic fare/surcharge included); 220 yen (surcharge only). Reserved Seats: 560 yen (basic fare/surcharge included); 340 yen (surcharge only - with exceptions) If you have a reserved seat ticket, please have it refunded at the same time.
  • Refunds for free-ride type tickets are available only before use has begun (Please ask the staff about refund charges) .

*In the event that trains are delayed or canceled, refunds are not available after a ticket has been used. Please note beforehand that the valid period can also not be extended.

  • If you wish to refund a ticket for a train which has already departed, you need to pay a refund charge designated by the company and the non-discount price of a reserved seating ticket for the limited express train you missed.
  • If you have a round-trip ticket such as the "Round-trip Reserved Seating Discount Ticket (R Ticket)", or the "Round-trip Non-Reserved Seating Discount Ticket (S Ticket)", and you wish to use only the departure portion and refund the "return" portion, a refund charge designated by the company and non-discount price for the "departure" portion of the ticket will be charged.
  • Book of tickets will be refunded only when all tickets are intact. If even one of the tickets from the booklet has been used, refunds are not available. Book of tickets with a cover must have a cover intact as well.
  • Refunds are only available within the valid period shown on your ticket. Refunds for tickets past the valid period are not available.
  • Please note that unlike other tickets, refunds for free-ride type tickets are not available. For more details please ask the staff.
  • Please note that refunds for tickets can only be made at the designated sales counter where originally purchased and not at other stations or JR Travel Service Centers (Twinkle Plaza).
  • There are tickets other than those listed above with varying conditions. Please ask the staff for more details.

(Refunds for Optional Tickets purchased with tickets)

  • Refunds can only be given for tickets and Optional Tickets together at the same time, or for single Optional Tickets. Refund handling fees for tickets are based on JR Hokkaido’ s refund handling charge rules, while refund handling fees for Optional Tickets are 340 yen (or 30% when refunded from the day prior to departure to the time of departure - however, the minimum charge is 340 yen). Please present both your ticket and Optional Ticket at a ticket window. JR Hokkaido cannot provide refunds for Optional Tickets past the train’ s departure.
  • In the event that an Optional Ticket is refunded (without compensation) after the reserved train’ s departure, the Optional Ticket will become invalid, and your ticket will be refunded with a handling charge in accordance with JR Hokkaido’ s refund policy. Also, the surcharge for non-reserved seating on a limited express train will be charged for the train you missed.
  • There are different cases in which, for example, refunds can’ t be made to the customer. Please ask the staff for more details.

Additional Information

*Please note that there are some periods when the "Discount tickets" cannot be used. Between Apr. 27 - May 6, Aug. 11 - 20, Dec. 28 - Jan. 6. Conditions and settings for valid period and use period are different for some tickets.

(If you lose your ticket)

  • If you lose your ticket, please notify JR staff and you’ ll be issued a credit ticket with non-discount price for the same zones, train, seating, and so on as the lost ticket. Please buy your ticket again (the reissued ticket will be marked accordingly with the Japanese “紛失再” ). When you deboard your train later, please receive a Reissue Receipt Certificate on your ticket and retain it.
  • If you find the ticket within a year after losing it, please bring the lost ticket and the reissued ticket with the Reissue Receipt Certificate to a station. The fare and fees for the found ticket will be refunded with a handling charge of 220 yen (340 yen for reserved seats) deducted.
  • Depending on how the reissued ticket has been used, there are cases in which it cannot be refunded. Please ask the staff for more details.
  • In the case of losing tickets such as free type tickets, leisure type tickets and so on, you are required to purchase them again. They cannot be refunded even if they are found later.
  • In the case that you lose your reserved seat tickets and green car tickets, you are required to repurchase a limited express ticket or other such ticket. We cannot provide refunds even if the reserved seat tickets have been found later.

(In the rare event of train suspension, delays, etc.)

  • JR Hokkaido provides ticket changes and refunds in accordance with its refund policy (there are also cases in which JR Hokka ido cannot provide refunds depending on the ticket).
  • If your ticket is required for receiving a refund after deboa rding your train, please be careful not to insert your ticket i nto the automatic ticket gate at the station. Please ask the staff for more details.