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JR Hokkaido Group Hotels

Listing everything from easily accessible hotels connected to stations, to resort type hotels amidst the great outdoors. The JR Hokkaido Group Hotels are waiting to serve you with warm hospitality.

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

36 story hotel with natural hot springs! While its location of being adjacent to Sapporo Station makes it convenient, it also possesses an air of resort life, impressive, yet healing.

Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro

City hotel adjacent to Obihiro Station. As the base for business, sightseeing, culture, and networking, it promises fine hospitality.

JR Inn Sapporo

4 minutes’ walk from the West Ticket Gate of Sapporo Station. Easy access and detailed guest rooms help to ensure a pleasant stay in Sapporo.

JR Inn Sapporo

Recommended for both business and sightseeing as it is not only close to Sapporo Station, but also the Clock Tower and the Odori Park.

JR Inn Obihiro

You can feel the history and nature even in the city center as it is close to the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building and the Odori Park. Perfect for business and sightseeing with a good access to both Sapporo and Odori Stations.

JR Inn Obihiro

The City of “Chitose” is the gateway to Hokkaido. Offers a comfortable and relaxing stay for everyone including people who travel Hokkaido from now and people who leave Hokkaido shortly.

JR Inn Asahikawa

A hotel convenient for business and sightseeing, with an excellent location directly connected to Asahikawa Station.

JR Inn Asahikawa

Great location, right by JR Hakodate Station. Welcomes you with a large public bath that an aerial view of trains can be enjoyed as well as a lounge only for the guests that faces the Mt. Hakodate.